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Can someone be “Pro-Choice” and believe in Evolution?

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Sunday evening we had a service that focused on the value of life, particularly with regards to the life of the unborn.  During the service, a guest speaker from the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center ( presented their ministry primarily to women but also to men/fathers.  It was sad yet encouraging to hear that this ministry helps young girls as young as 12 year old and up to see the value of life, even that small life they are carrying.  What an awesome opportunity to share hope and God’s grace (that brings peace, see previous post) and to let them know that there is a better way then an abortion.  Those in attendance were blessed to hear how they are saving one little life at a time. 

Following this presentation our Pastor preached a message about the 5 Facts of Life.  The following is a brief outline of the message. 

1.  Life is God’s.  – Genesis 1 and Colossians 1:16

2.  Life is Valuable – what God creates He values including the disabled – Exodus 4:11  It is a shame that we hear so often how many are aborting life because their child may be disable in some way.

3. Life Begins before birth – Psalm 139:13-16

4.  Taking life outside of God ordained judgment is murder Exodus 20:13, Gen 9:6, Num 35:16-19 etc.  

5.  The taking of Life can be forgiven – Luke 23:34 is a great example of forgiveness.

Following this outline, Pastor Ferrell then listed some things we a Christians can do:  Adopt, Serve in a Pregnancy Center, Go into government. or the medical field to introduce legislation or use medical skills to save life, use our voting power to influence the laws, and share the pro-life position lovingly to those who would listen.  (Go to the following link to hear this informative message preached on 11/15/09 PM:  it should be posted soon) 

What does all this have to do with my title?  I’m getting to that.  I know, I know, the long way, but I’m getting to it.  I said all this to say that the message this weekend prompted me to write this today.

A few months ago I was having had a discussion with some Human Resources folks about evolution.  After the energetic discussion about evolution, someone brought up the topic of abortion.  For some, two completely different topics.  Of course this brought up all kinds of comments and beliefs and of course it led to another energetic discussion. 

On my way home that day I was replaying both discussions in my mind and then all of a sudden it hit me.  Many of the comments made that day from both discussions revolved around when life began and the evolution of life.  The pro-lifers / creationists believe that all life comes from God and that life begins at conception while the pro-choicers / evolutionists contradicted their own comments when they switched topics.  As a “pro-choicer” they believed life didn’t begin until months after conception but as an evolutionist, they said life began as a simple single cell.  So which is it Mr. or Mrs. Pro-choicer / evolutionist?  Did life began as a simple single cell or does life begin after millions of cells are combined to form something that looks like a human being and is “viable” outside the womb?  Did life begin when that supposed simple cell burst onto the scene 3.5 billion years ago as states and could only exist in a “perfect environment” or did life begin when a mass of cells could breath on it’s own after birth?

  For creationists the consistency of when life began is not a problem but it appears to be for the “pro-choicer / evolutionist.  Of course there are other issues and discussions we could springboard into but we’ll leave those for another time.  Just remember, the next time you hear someone say that they believe that life does not begin at conception, ask them if they believe in evolution.


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One thought on “Can someone be “Pro-Choice” and believe in Evolution?

  1. Profound insight and written with excellences. I almost can’t wait for my next opportunity to debate when life begins so that I can ask if the person believes in evolution like you suggested.

    thank you for helping us think through this on a deeper level.

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